Sell your stocks here.

If you have items for sale in case lots-pallet lots-container lots- or any other mixed stock lots, why not sell them on We charge a flat fee of 10% plus VAT for all sales, large parcels will be lower and can be negotiated.

If we do not sell your goods, then you do not pay anything at all.


You send us details of the stocks for sale plus pictures, your full address and collection address, if the sale is for

Carton lots you will be responsible for posting and the costs of postages, or for sending full pallet loads. The customers may want to collect, if you have more goods for sale you may increase your sales and gain

Another new customer

Our terms are that you are a genuine reputable seller, honest in your dealings and be relied upon to negotiate a

Fair deal to any customers who may come to you from our

All payments for your goods will be paid directly to you, on our website we will advertise your full details this will

Be the items for sale-descriptions-prices required and photographs and any other information you have requested.

Some of our customers prefer us to collect the full payments including postage costs; the vat price will be included in the sale price. Unless specified differently.

When we know you have sold the items for sale we will remove the listing from buyjoblots and send you an invoice for the 10% plus vat, this can be paid by PayPal or credit card.

We are a new company who like you want to prosper in business and grow in time. It’s the time in life you need

To be working with someone you can trust. Buyjoblots is that company why not include us in your contacts lists.

We are always looking for parcels of stocks perhaps we might buy it?

Remember NO SALE NO FEES. So you have nothing to lose only your time?

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